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1.about us


1950 : I started the dairy farming business in Chiba prefecture

1959.7 : I set up the Hashimoto Farming Company, Ltd

1971.4 : I changed the company's name to Hashimoto Company, Ltd and opened a bowling hall.

1976 : I stopped the bowling business and began a real estate renting business and also opened a pinball saloon

Hashimoto family was originally doing a farming business and has cherished trust, performance, contribution, and has prospered by contributing to the local community

Now I'm thinking of reforming the Hashimoto Company and making a new business system so that we can contribute to the society more. encounter with Amala

I first consulted with Amala in September 2006 when I was thinking about how I would use the land of our parents' home. A friend of mine introduced Amala to me.

At that time a big nursing business company was trying to rent it. Amala said, "That company is no good. You shouldn't lend to the company." So I didn't. Later the president of the company was arrested for corruption.

There was a stone figure of the god Inari, but I didn't know how I treat it and had left it as it was.
When Amala came to the land and investigated it, they said I should rebuild not only the stone figure but also the tomb.
They introduced a dealer in stone, but my parents were reluctant to rebuild the tomb.
So I only asked them to rebuild the stone figure.
The estimate was reasonable.

When the construction was finished, it was really refreshed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I could also solve many problems that had been hidden before.

I think the time has come when I can do the things I have wanted to do.
I would like to contribute to the happy and peaceful life of our family and people through my job.

executive director Hideyo Hashimoto
Address :
6-6-6, Yakuenndai, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture 274-0077, Japan
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