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What is real fengshui?

The first step is to make a comfortable place.

What do you imagine when you hear fengshui? Probably most of you will think that it is one of the fortune-telling methods made in ancient times.

We will give you advice on what kind of arrangements, things or colors make you feel comfortable. We think that the places arranged by fengshui must be comfortable for you, in the first place.

For example, let's assume you are told to put an ornament that is not of your taste. Will it work? The answer is No. it won't work as long as you ignore your sense and taste.

The important thing is whether the place is comfortable for you or not. We will give you advice on what kind of place is good for you.

The place tells you a lot

The brain is like the operating system of a computer. The brain receives various kinds of information from outside and it makes the actions.

So, if we change the information that the place has by rearranging the place, the actions will also change.

Colors, shapes, materials, layout, etc that constitute the place send signals to the brain. It is like a language. Everything has its own language; the language of colors, shapes, materials, layout, etc. Although the place doesn't speak, it tells you a lot.

Let's assume we arrange a place. For people who want to strengthen their immunity, we will use the things that are green.

For people who want to be full of energy, we will use yellow. For concentration, blue.

The brain receives the signals that the color sends, and generates actions.

Real fengshui changes the people’s actions by changing their emotions.

Have you already noticed?

Fengshui changes the people’s actions.

The change of actions means the change of emotions.

Fengshui encourages you to be energetic and brave, and helps you succeed.

We will help you express your dreams/wishes in your surroundings considering colors, shapes, arrangement, sound, lights, scent, etc.