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Kyodo-Seibi Co., LTD

1.about us

Corporate principle

Cooperation: by helping each other, we share appreciation and grace

Cleanliness: we contribute to the comfortable life by providing clean water and the air

Beauty:"to hand down the beautiful earth to the next generation", we provide beautiful space through maintaining the environment


We do the integrated environmental set up business. We mainly maintain water; both drinking water and drain. We clean tanks and all kinds of pipes, get rid of the waste, fix the defects found during the cleaning.

These days, there are many orders from large-scale condominium management associations of fixing and maintaining the whole water system. It seems our companyfs motto construction of its employees attract attentions.

It has been 37 years since we started this business in Yokohama, and we have got great faith from private companies, major developers and government. We are working together to provide good service to our clients.

future business

We are now trying to expand our environmental business to Shanghai. Yokohama and Shanghai are sister cities, and so based on that relationship we are coping with the task of how we can provide our service in Shanghai.

2.an encounter with Amala

I have been getting along with Amala since I consulted Amala for advice on my house and office. My wife had been interested in feng shui and she introduced Amala to me.

After I reformed my office based on the advice, the atmosphere has got lively and employees have become more active. I have also become able to get good talent by feng shui consultation.

Kyodo-Seibi Co., LTD
President Takayuki Misawa

President Takayuki Misawa

859, Imai-Cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0035, Japan
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